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These are brief sermons to be
taken for what they are worth.

Studies of 'Holy Ghost', 'Holy Spirit', 'Spirit', and 'spirit'

You can download the following studies on these topics as pdf files

Volume 2, Study 5

        To my knowledge, only the King James Version in the New Testament makes a distinction in passages containing the Greek words "holy spirit" by translating in some verses 'Holy Ghost' and in other verses 'Holy Spirit'. When you read the file 'Holy Ghost' you will begin to see why those translators did so. Therefore, I have made one file 'Holy Ghost' and another file 'Holy Spirit', etc.
        Each file is composed of every verse containing the word(s) that you can see in the file's title. Therefore, each file is a list of all the verses containg the word. I am putting the files all under one heading (i.e. Volume 2, Study 5) on the Bible Studies master page because they should be studied as a whole and in sequence (beginning with 'Holy Ghost') to receive any significant implications and inferences which the Lord might have for you buried in these many passages...and there are many.
        I used the software, e-Sword (you can find its Internet reference on our Ministry Links page), to search for the verses in each category in the New Testament and later I did the same for the Old Testament. Then I used e-Sword (using the KJV with Strong's Numbers) to look at each verse in each file to see Strong's definitions of some of the other words in the verse...some of which offer meanings clearer than is in the translation itself. (You will soon catch on to my method as you get into the first study, 'Holy Ghost'.)
        I began this work for myself in December 2009. Since I am busy with other things, the work on all the files took about five weeks with me going through them twice and Barbara proof reading and correcting them. Still, it has turned out to be quite interesting (to me at least). Therefore, I have decided to go ahead and put this on our website in case any visitors are interested.
        The categories listed below are links and each will take you to its file.

PS. My commenting began with the file 'Holy Ghost' . Thus, all of my comments in the other files are based upon and are connected with the first comments. So it is best to begin with the 'Holy Ghost' file if you want to understand my comments. Even should the reader ignore my comments, these files offer every word of 'spirit' in any form in the entire Bible. Therefore, this overall study is a good referrence for those words and the verses where they are found.

New Testament: 'Holy Ghost''Holy Spirit', 'Spirit', 'spirit'

Old Testament: 'spirit' in all of its forms


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- C. Ronald Johnson at Christian Wilderness Press -