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Also see a true Map of the Moses and Israelite sea crossing during the Exodus.

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    If you consider out website worthy then we ask for your prayers. While you are visiting the site, or reading the free downloads of e-books or short Bible studies and sermons, or enjoying some of our Wyoming photos (our home is not far from Yellowstone National Park). or enjoying Jim Durham's pages of short missionary trips and his photos of the places he visits like the Amazon River in Brazil and Guatemala and Romania... then just pause and mention us to the Lord. Thank you

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    Our home here on the web is all about
the kind of faith that is throughout your Bible. If you are a child of the God of the Bible then you have this kind of faith and we hope to encourage you... indeed all of our brothers and sisters... to walk in that faith. You are welcome here always and you can reach us by email.


   My writing of these two books has taken many years and we trust that the Lord will do with them as He pleases. The setting up of this website is new to us, which began in late April, 08. We hope you like it well enough to visit often, tell friends, and email us about improvements and links to sites that you might recommend. We welcome any sincere comments about anything on this site. Go to our statistics page (968 visits in March, 2013) to see how we have been doing since the first of 09. We do not have the funds for advertising, therefore we are encouraged by the progress evidenced on that page. Much of our traffic is by word of mouth. Yet, Internet searches on any of the many subjects covered by our on short Bible studies and sermons will find us. Moses' sea crossing map, short mission trips to the Amazon, or Romania, etc..... will usually find us about 65% - 75 % of the time. Therefore, since you are here you might consider benchmarking our site.

    Tell us if you enjoy knowing about Jim Durham's short mission trips and Errol and Laarni Pitre's work on the island of Mindoro, Philippines. We will continue to add pages of their trips and their work so you can follow along and enjoy their photos and videos.

   If you know of any persons or groups doing something similar in mission work let us know; and if it is desired then we can do similarly for them. For we hope to aid and encourage the Lord's work and to have more mission pages soon.

Sincerely,    Ron and Barbara

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