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1280x720 and up resolution - Morning Elk in field just west of town (photo 2-7-11) -

Here is a bit of Rocky Mountain Magic!  Download this file and watch it with Microsoft Media Player. Enjoy!
And here is another bit of Rocky Mountain Magic!  Also download it and watch in the same manner.
Our Elk do not come into town like in this Colorado Town

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Missionary Trips  With Jim Durham / many photos / numerous trips / Amazon River  / Romania / Guatemala / etc.
Also see Jim's personal trips of which he also has many photos to interest you.

Mission of Hope  is a fairly new work on the island of Mindoro, Philippines.
You can view five videos and many photos of the work. See latest emails of the work on "Missionary Alert". Also click to see the work over several years Mission-of-hope-Errols-main-page.html .

Mission in Peru  Robin Ricks is a missionary working among some of the villages ... interesting.

Introducing  Ron and Barbara Johnson

God's Rock  Ron's book is about Moses' life and the Exodus Epoch with maps and large Appendixes.
Newly found! "remains of a large Egyptian army from the 14th century BC. Read of it at www.betinews.com/p=3661 .

God's Hook  Ron's book is about Biblical faith / many Bible stories of God dealing with individual Bible characters.

We have other books / for children - Animal Tales and Bible Ballards / and for adults - Stories of Old

    Most Christians attend churches agreeable to them where they receive teaching and preaching of doctrine and of the Bible in general along with much fellowship. It is the norm and it was so for me and my wife growing up and for our son and his family. This is good and is as it should be.
    However, for more than 40 years, while attending church(s), we also have studied Bibles for ourselves, and I have much used Strong's Number System. A very good source for it is E-sword free on the internet. All
authored by me on this website has been influenced by Strong's System.
    Having said that: I offer you the two works below -

Rocky Mountain Baptism  Photos of a baptismal service in the high mountains of Western Wyoming

Ron's short Bible studies  Volumes 1 & 2 (Bible passage with much less of Ron commenting)

Ron's short Bible sermons  Volume 1 (similar to studies, but each much more as a discourse and using more passages)

Map 1  is the first of five maps in Appendix IX of God's Rock / shows the true Bible-researched site of Moses' sea crossing. Short comment on Red Sea crossing.

Photos and Graphics Central   Primarily about where we live in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming.

Statistics   trace the growth of our website / shows last month's statistics

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