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God's Hook

-  God's Hook is a 350 page book about Biblical faith (or Christian faith, which exists all through the Bible... Abraham's faith being a prime example). This book contains chapters on Faith, Authority, Covenant Promises, and the Heart of a Christian. Yet, mostly it contains Bible stories of Jacob, Caleb, Gideon, the Prophet Balaam, Jonah, Mary and the Magi, Ruth and Naomi, Peter walking on the water, and other Bible stories. Moreover, they are presented in a manner to emphasize the faith that was working between God and each person.
   I have borrowed from the Apostle Paul the phrase 'walking in faith' or 'faith-walk' because Paul's writings have had much influence on Barbara and me in our ongoing life.
   And so, when trying to describe Biblical faith for this book, soon I realized that our own 'walk of faith' and my trying to describe it (i.e. define it) was entirely inadequate. Whereupon my studies took me into the Old Testament where I came across many stories of Bible characters living out their relationships with God. The most significant of these is the Exodus Epoch and the life of Moses. Though I could not rationalize my walk with that of the great Moses, still I found comfort in that story's many passages. Ah, but I also found similar comfort in lesser stories, and so I realized that the concept of faith as portrayed in the smaller Bible stories (which connected so well with me) would surely connect well with others.
    At length, I concluded that the Bible does not "define" faith. Instead it portrays faith (i.e. paints Word pictures of true faith) for us amid the lives of men and women as they were experiencing their God. The varied concepts of faith amidst the Church throughout the ages (and presently) fall far short of what your Bible has to share privately with you as it presents to you one Bible character after another... and yet another ...... Eventually, as I studied for myself and my family, God's Hook was born; and amazingly it grew and grew. At the end of the second winter the initial manuscript was done.

God's Rock

    When the next fall arrived, a new study and a new writing began about the Exodus Epoch. And thus four years passed before that initial manuscript was done... whereupon it was decided to add Appendixes of my research along with maps. This book has 350 pages of the story of Moses and the Exodus, but it also includes 100 pages of the Appendixes. The reason for the Appendexes is to demonstrate to the reader that the Bible contains all of the necessary data (though not all clumped together... one must search for it and allow all of it to merge into Truth. There are too many mistaken concepts and teachings about Moses' sea crossing, about the Israelite's forty years of 'wandering', etc. Indeed, on this website I have included a list of the many topics covered in Moses' story.

    Following years, then, have been given to more Bible study, but I found time to rewrite and edit both books several times. Eventually, the time arrived to consider publishing the books. Then the concept of developing a website arrived and I have been busy for nearly four years with it, and my skills at this are still developing with many mistakes made along the way. (I pray that our visitors are putting up with these efforts.)
   During the years of study and rewriting of the books, God had provided enough for our family's living. Also during those years, good software tools were coming available on the Internet, many of them free and continually being improved. These have provided much help in setting up the book manuscripts for printing, then for designing the covers, and now for designing this website. By neans of all of these "learning curves" (which I have had to wade through to use such tools for the work) it became essential that they pulled my attention away from the things I love to do... I would have cheerfully left such "technical details" to others. Go to the
God's Rock page.

    Yet, in all of these processes the Lord has provided for us to arrive at this point which the visitor sees before him.

-   The concept of "Christian Wilderness Press", which we use for our publishing name, is based upon all that God was doing with His people for forty years in the wilderness. He was doing many and marvelous things in every Israelite; for even as He was punishing the Israelites of the first Exodus generation for their rebellion, He was preparing the Israelites of the second Exodus generation for victorious battles and the receiving of inheritances... as the Lord had initially promised to Abraham.

-  On our 'short Bible studies and sermons' pages are many sharings for our visitors.

-  Read of Barbara and me on our 'Ron and Barbara' page.

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