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Ron and Barbara Johnson

      The above pictures are of our home in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. The left picture shows two firewood piles and a new spring garden. (We had in 2011 moved the firewood piles closer to the mobile home and expanded the garden.) The mobile home, bought 39 years ago shortly after we bought the property, is to the rear. A back yard (much of which is Barbara's barnyard) is between it and the large cottonwood trees. The right picture is a view of our levee, the river, and the bluff where the river turns and continues easterly. As the ground is warm enough to begin planting the garden the river is at its high water level from mountain snow runoff.


     C. Ronald Johnson was born in 1940 in south Texas, raised in New Orleans and then Opelousas, Louisiana and finished his last two years of high school in Nederland, Texas, and in July he entered the Navy. At the end of three years he was honorably discharged as Second Class Petty Officer. He attended college at Lamar College of Technology (now Lamar University) in Beaumont, Texas, from which he graduated with honors and received a BS in Electrical Engineering. His first engineering job was in R&D in the aerospace industry in Florida for two years, during which he and Barbara were married. Then he attended the University of Miami and received an MS in Electrical and Ocean Engineering. He continued R&D work for a total of ten years.

     Ron believed God was leading him to quit engineering, which he did, and for nearly a year he, Barbara, and newborn Benjamin ‘waited on the Lord’. They were led to become pastor of a Southern Baptist mission in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, which position lasted only a few months; yet, the Lord led them to stay where they were… whereupon the expected “less than a year before moving again” ran its course and they still abide where God has placed them.

     God had made it clear that Ron was not to work at a regular job for a living... instead to continue ‘waiting on the Lord’. Their savings lasted five years. Then at that time, in reading about the life of George Mueller, Ron and Barbara together prayed if the Lord so chose that He might lead them also into the kind of life that depended on His provision. As it has turned out, God so chose and has remained faithful.

     The whole story of Ron and Barbara...and Ben growing up to go away to college for his BS degree in Electrical Engineering at a private school in Florida and then to get his MS at Ohio State...is for another time and place. But to continue... Ron and Barbara (and Ben until he left for college) continue living close to the soil in their mobile home with a large garden on the banks of the Wind River where often moose have gotten into the fall cabbage crop. Ben had raised rabbits and won many ribbons showing them at the county fair. Barbara had raised Ben and goats. The milk from the latter she had sold and/or traded. Barbara still has rabbits and goats for pets. There has been much hunting, fishing, hiking, firewood cutting… but also much helping of neighbors and sharing with many of God’s people. Ron and Barbara became longtime friends with the Assembly of God folk as well as with the Baptist folk of the church that had developed from the early mission. Indeed, we are friendly with all the churches. Over the years Ron has studied his Bible and early on he became interested in ancient history to augment his studies.

     About the age of fifty or so, Ron answered a question from a friend about faith by writing some ten or so pages. A month later he came across those pages in his computer and, studying them, it seemed that the topic would make for a good little booklet. Not realizing that it would become a book, he became caught up in trying to express to the computer his concept of the subject. At first he wrote about what he knew of faith. But soon (no doubt by the Lord) he realized that the stories of scripture taught far better on the subject. (The many stories in the Bible, and the words of the Apostle Paul, and God’s ongoing work have been the encouraging factors to Ron and Barbara in their faith.)
    This writing had begun in winter and by spring he knew he was, indeed, writing a book with God’s blessing. That initial work grew to two years and became the draft of GOD’S HOOK. Then the Lord led him into GOD’S ROCK which took four years of initial research (mostly scripture) and writing (and much correcting). Then many years were spent in developing writing skills by going over and over the manuscripts, for Ron wanted to not take away from the subject matter by poor writing. The work is now left to God and to the folk that read their pages.


     Barbara, with a BS degree in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University, taught first and second grades in public school and second grade in an Evangelical Lutheran school until Ben was born. Since then she has often played the piano for churches and has taught piano to children. Now consider the illustrations in her mother's books on our 'Other Books' page and you will see her creative skills.

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