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-  Welcome to the website of Ron and Barbara Johnson. Everything offered here is free to the visitor except that all printed materials can be ordered from www.lulu.com. For that website see the 'Ron's Books' page.

-   To download any of these as e-books (as with Ron's books) just click on the picture and choose where in your computer to save it. Similarly, feel free to copy any photos by right-clicking on one and choose "save image to". We hope to have many more from where we live in the Wyoming Rocky Mountains and these can be found on the 'Photos' page.

 -   Books by Catherine Codington Shafer (Barbara's mother) are those shown, illustrated by Barbara. One is a book of Bible stories (for instance the relationship between David and Jonathan). Other books are short moral stories of animals (for instance an episode between a goat and a sheep; or a story about a mother Manatee and her baby which is wounded in an accident). A printed version of all three in one binding is now available at our store front at Lulu.com. See 'Ron's Books' page on how to get there. All of the above are written in verse.
     Included is 'Catherine's Stories of Old'. These are very short clips of her research over some years into her ancestry...along with some of her experiences growing up. They give little glimpses into years gone by, from earlier than the War of Independence up to and including the recent past century.
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