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Sun, 25 May 2008 21:50:20
Dear Friends,
         I am back from the Amazon.  I arrived back about midnight Wednesday night.  One reason for my delay in writing is that I came back with "Conjumtivite", or in some languages Conjunctivitis or "Pink Eye".  I could not look at the computer screen long enough to compose a letter, because the brightness hurt my eyes.  In the Amazon, it is treated with breast milk.  Unfortunately, I didn't know anyone well enough to ask for a donation.  I hope to get over it soon.
        First, I want you to know that it was a great trip.  For some, it was the greatest experience of their Christian life.  But Satan doesn't let those things happen easily.  I want to share the victories and the obstacles.
         THE GOOD NEWS IN A NUTSHELL:  We had 155 individuals - teens and adults- make a decision to accept Christ as their savior.  This was not done in a mass public meeting, nor does it include the smaller children.  Most of these decisions were the result of going door to door and presenting the gospel through a translator.  We even had some time for some basic discipling classes for the believers.
        There were 13 Americans from Florida and Mississippi who joined one other American and 4 translators and crew on a boat in the Amazon.  Their ages ranged from 16 to 65.  We worked primarily in 3 small villages, plus we would take john boats up and down the river from the villages.         Here are some of the obstacles that could have hampered the trip:

1.  As of the morning of the trip, 9 of the 13 still had not received their visas to enter Brazil.
2.  When we arrived in Manaus at 1 a.m., no one in our team received their luggage - no one.  Since we normally go directly to the boat and head up the river, this was a serious problem.  The next flight that might bring our luggage would be 1 a.m. the next night.  We had no choice but to wait, since all of our supplies and clothes were in the luggage.
3.  The next night, some of the luggage arrived, but not all of it.  We left at about 4 a.m. with what we had.
4.  At least half of the team or more had health issues arrive, but we kept going.  Nothing was life threatening .

          I had an opportunity to stay over a few extra days in Manaus to visit with friends there.  One of the nice extras of a mission trip are the people you meet on the trips.  I now have several friends in Manaus.
         Probably the most dangerous part of this trip is going through Miami.  In spite of images that may occur in your mind, there is no reason for this to be a dangerous trip.  It is probably as safe as driving on your local roads.
Words can't come close to describing the experience.  For those who can go, I encourage you to go on a foreign mission trip at your first opportunity.  I will be taking a group to Guatemala on Oct. 4-11 for those who would like to go.  The estimated cost is $1,070, including everything (from Orlando).
Below are photos which I hope you will enjoy and help you to get a small taste of the trip; however, without experiencing the people directly and seeing their responses, you can't catch the excitement that was there.

Typical house on the river.                                  Lady of house said she is very happy there.

Looking into a bedroom with 5 hammocks.                          Stove she used for cooking.  

Maria 19-year old soccer player accepted Christ.                                 Jungle walk.  

 Going into backwaters searching for houses.                     Boat dock at a home.  

Amazon pet.                                                                      Opening a Brazil nut pod.  

Storms can build up very quickly.                                      Kids on the river.

Me with kids in front of main boat.                                 School bus for kids able to go to school.

 12 year old child accepted Christ. Note sewing machine.        Nicer homes.

Acai palms (mona vie).                                                         House in the jungle.

Watch the thorns.                                                       Getting cupuacu fruit for lunch.

Making canoes for $60 each.                                          Lots of flowers.

Another house.

Abandoned boat.                                                           Part of our team.



If you can go - go!  If you can't go, help someone else to go.          Sincerely,   Jim

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