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Errol and Laarni

Mission of Hope
Meet Errol and Laarni Pitre


((( Missionary Alert )))

Comment:  johnson.c.ron@gmail.com

Here is the first email from Errol: Wednesday, October 7, 2009 5:15 PM   From: "Errol Pitre" <pitreerrol@hotmail.com>

 To:  "Ron/Barbara Johnson"

Hello friends!! 

We just shipped $1,000,000 worth of meds to Manila for the relief of the victims of the 2 typhoons that hit the Philippines last week. Our cost was only $3,500. Without your support, this help would have been impossible.  

God bless. Errol.
  (The Lord is really using Errol and Laarni by funnelling through them compassionate blessings. Praise His Holy Name!!) 

    Mission Statement: The purpose of Mission of Hope is to provide humanitarian services to the remote tribes on the Island of Mindoro, Philippines and to bring the good news of the gospel to these people. We believe that God is a good God and that all good things come from Him. We believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ ...the triune godhead of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit...the bible being the inerrant word of God from cover to cover...the indwelling of the Holy Spirit...miracles and healing through the power of the Holy Spirit... and the power of prayer.

    Mission of Hope was born in April of 2006 after a trip to the Island of Mindoro. We visited the Mangyan tribes and saw these people living without potable water. Infection and other sicknesses were widespread especially among the children. The Lord put a love and compassion in our heart for these people.

    We returned to the United States and shared this need with churches, families, and friends. The response has been so great that we have been able to supply with fresh drinking water. Education and medical help are the next most urgent needs. We are in the planning stage to build a school and medical clinic. The property for the school and clinic were donated to Mission of Hope in October of 2007. Doctors, nurses, and teachers volunteered their services to help us fulfill the vision God has put in our hearts, which has recently been accomplished.

    We plan to relocate to Mindoro as full time missionaries. We must first sell our house, which is taking longer than we had hoped, but all of our possessions here in Wyoming has been sold except the bed on the floor where we sleep. There remains no doubt that Mission of Hope is God's ministry and that He will provide. Click on the videos to see what the Lord has been doing. If you would like to partner with us then please contact us at the address below or e-mail us:

    Moreover, we have signed on as associate missionaries with Assemblies of God World Mission for things like less expensive insurance, plane tickets, and such. If you would like to help us in this you can send donations to:

Errol and Laarni Pitre                                However, our original organization, Mission of Hope,
Assemblies of God World Missions             is slowly building and you can also partner with us
Boonville Ave.                                          where its accounting office is located:
Springfield MO 65802-1894                                                      Mission of Hope / PO Box 5982 
                                                                                               Thibodaux, La  70302

    Errol graduated from Louisiana State University with a BS in electrical engineering and Laarni has a degree and certificate for teaching in the Philippines. Laarni will manage and teach in the new school. Errol and Laarni are very down to earth people, needing little finances on which to live, but the work does need those Christians whom the Lord leads to join them. Even $10 per month, as the Lord leads, will help.  

    A note from Ron and Barbara: We recommend this couple whom we have had the privilege of meeting  and hearing twice in the last year. Theirs is a new work which was begun simply by the Lord leading them to the Island of Mindoro on a family excursion to the Philippians shortly before Errol retired from the mines in Green River, Wyoming. Laarni is Filipino and they were looking to bring her mother to the United States to live with them. In the short years up to this time, they have been on mission trips to the island and its people four times. Videos of these trips can be viewed by clicking below. Moreover, you can contact them and they will gladly send dvds of the videos. Indeed, after every trip they will send a dvd to each person or family that partners with them.

Video Introduction (5 minutes)  These five segments compose one single large video made early in the missionary work.  

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Video 2 (5 minutes)

Video 3 (5 minutes)

Video 4 (5 minutes) 

Video 5 (5 minutes)

Mission of Hope is a "faith work" depending upon God's Grace and Christian funding.

(Ron's book, God's Hook, tells of the uniqueness of Biblical faith.)

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