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See up to 20 youtube videos by Jim Durham ... some of which are mission trips and some are of his own personal travels.

Here is his latest trip with men doing building work in Cuba.

This is Jim Durham's HOME Page Jim's email: ville1960@yahoo.com

    Jim is a long-time very good friend. I introduced him to the woman he would marry and they together were at our wedding. Jim's wife, Sarah, passed on to her reward several years ago and Jim has launched himself into an ongoing ministry of supporting foreign missions and, in particular, supporting abroad both local churches and birthing churches. Numerous times he has been to the Upper Amazon region, Romania, and Guatemala. His primary work is taking people on mission trips to these countries several times a year. And though often a part of such a team composes a medical clinic for the locals in the country, Jim's emphasis is on church people... including helping to start new churches and evangelism. In this, Jim has developed many friends both Christian and otherwise.

    On our website so far we have had six pages of these mission trips. Jim had gone a number of times before we had our website up and running and so these six are of trips that have occurred since. Indeed, we have had so much visitor-interest in Jim's trips that of course we shall continue to form each trip into a page of its own. Visitors to these pages come from word-of-mouth references, but also from Christians searching the Internet.

    However, Jim simply loves taking pictures and loves to share them (which I assume his many visitors are aware of by now). Therefore, we also have separate pages of his personal trips to China and to the Philippines. We have continued this in creating more pages of his personal time spent in some very interesting places. (Many photos are on each page.) Knowing that Jim will be continuing his work around the world, I have created a separate section.

    This, then, is Jim's Home page and at this point I have divided it into Mission Trips and Jim's Personal World Photos.

Missionary Trips  Each page has 24 + photos with captions under each photo.

1   Amazon River 1
2   Romania 1
3   Guatemala 1
4   Amazon River 2
5   Amazon River 3
6   Romania 2
7   Guatemala  2  
8   Amazon River 4
9   Series of Cuba Trips (5)

Jim's Personal World Photos  Each page has 24 + photos with captions under each photo.
1   Jim's China Trip
2   Jim's Philippines Trip
3   The Rasov Fortress in Romania
4   Bear Cave in Romania
5   Dracula's Castle in Romania
6   1 Day Visit vicinity of  Z├╝rich Switzerland

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