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Jim Durham's personal Vacation to China (he toured the Far East)

    Hello, here is a brief photo summary of my trip to China .  I will try to follow up with photos of other parts of the Far East later. 
    My primary thing to see in China was the Great Wall.  You can go on line and get all the details of the wall; so, I will spare giving you all of that.  There is a lot more to the wall than I realized.  It is more than just “a” wall.  There are a lot of walls that tie into it.  That is what I climbed – one of the walls from the valley going up to the main wall.  It did not look to be so far up to the wall from the ground below, but I was mistaken.  The steps were all very irregular in height, making it even harder to climb.  Some were four inches; some were two feet in height.  It was the most tiring thing I have done since climbing the volcano in Guatemala last October. 
    I also visited the Ming Dynasty Tombs, the Forbidden City , the Temple of Heaven , the Summer Palace , Tian’Anmen Square , the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic stadium, a jade museum, a pearl factory, a tea house, and a silk factory which was the most fascinating thing I saw in China. 
    The part of the city of Beijing that  I visited was clean and nice.  They had done a great job of getting ready for the Olympic visitors.  The part that I saw was one of the prettiest cities in the world.  There was a lot of great, modern architecture. 
    I traveled alone to China, but I don’t recommend it.  Without a guide, communication is impossible.  I tried communicating in loud English and gestures.  It does not work.  They just look at you with a puzzled face (which is what they should do).  Just picture someone coming here and trying to talk to you in a Chinese dialect. 

Small portion of Great Wall                                             I thought the Pagoda you see was at the top.

See the pagoda, and I am just starting my climb.               The pagoda is below, and a long way to go.

Catching my breath, and still climbing.                              Closer to the top where is the Great Wall.

The Great Wall. Great for ice cream.                                Moving along, and arriving at the Ming Dynasty Tombs

Ming Dynasty Tombs...no ice cream                                 More of the Ming Dynasty Tombs

In town: A glimpse of modern Beijing                               The "Dragon" Hotel

Typical:  Background is "Bird's Nest" (Olympic Stadium)    More common scenes in Beijing...

More of modern Beijing...                                                   more of modern Beijing...

The "Temple of Heaven" in Beijing...                               The "Temple of Heaven"

Helping with a silk quilt (silk from one worm)                    Beijing...Tian'anmen Square (watch for tanks)

Moving along...The Forbidden City                                  Forbidden City architecture 

Forbidden City. Ice cream not forbidden                           Moving along...a boat at the "Summer Palace"

The entrance to the Summer Palace                                 Summer Palace. Great for ice cream (but not the hair)

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