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                                      (Moses' Life and the Exodus )

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This large book has many details, which can be consider as subtopics, and it is free as an e-book download.

        These days a great many Christians are interested in the overall subject of Moses and the Exodus; yet, in searching on the Internet they usually search by the
subtopic of their immediate interest. God's Rock is essentially complete on these many subtopics because it begins at Moses' birth and goes through the Bible story until slightly past Moses' death to when the children of Israel cross the Jordan River on dry ground into Canaan.
    See a
list of subtopics below.


        Added at the end of God's Rock is a large appendix (100 pages), which has Appendixes I through IX (the last having five maps and a graphic).

        Appendix I is the Author's Preliminary Note which explains a little of the other appendixes and why it behooves the reader who wants to gain the most in-depth understanding of the story to read all of the appendixes first before reading the Story.
Appendix II gives a description of The Oregon Trail in the Western United States to help the reader to better understand the similar mode of travel and conditions that the Israelites experienced.
Appendix III details and explains Some Features Of The Land through which the Israelites traveled and lived for forty years. It also goes into how the Israelites measured distances traveled (not in miles or kilometers, but in the type of travel and the time of travel which would have been familiar to all people).
Appendix IV is about the Amalekites who the Israelites fought not long after arriving in the Sinai Peninsula, which then helps the reader to better envision the story of the battle when reading of it.
Appendix V discusses Cities and Districts which are mentioned in scripture and are in the Story. This helps in understanding when the Israelites arrived at actual places (having names) and when they arrived at wilderness sites where they encamped. Later Moses gave titles to those encampments which helped explain what occurred in those encampments between God and His people.
Appendix VI is a Chronology developed by the author from scripture that begins when Joseph was taken as a slave to Egypt and goes down in Biblical time to just after the reign of King Solomon. Descriptions of how the author arrived at conclusion and where he found data corresponding to scripture is included. In its earlier years, it differs to some extent from other chronologies; for example the time of the Exodus and who was Pharaoh.
Appendix VII details the path (Exodus Route) from Goshen (where were the homes of the Israelites) taken to arrive at the wilderness site of the Festival of Sacrifices. Later Moses entitled this encampment 'Succoth'. 'Succoth' was not a town or any such identifiable location in Egypt (or anywhere else). It is the title of that particular encampment (for the Festival of Sacrifices) to which Pharaoh had agreed with Moses and God. He had agreed that his slaves, the Israelites, could go with children and livestock to worship their God...and then return home to Goshen. The festival occurred on the seventh day after six day of march from Goshen (led by Cloud by day and Fire by night) to the encampment site (selected by God). It was within Egypt's mountainous wilderness west of the Gulf of Suez.
Appendix VIII details the path (Sinai Route) taken by the Israelites when escaping Pharaoh's wrath and intended slaughter. The route detailed here proceeds from the east side of the Gulf of Suez in the Wilderness of Sur and into the Sinai Peninsula and on to the Wilderness of Sinai where was the Mountain of God and where the Israelites encamped for the rest of the year (i.e. through the winter) and where they celebrated the second Passover shortly after having assembled the Tabernacle. Also detailed is the route taken out of the Wilderness of Sinai on to the west shore of the Gulf of Aqaba where occurred the second 'quail' incident, and then on to the oasis of Kadesh-barnea. Also included are many Biblical locations that are presently known from antiquity.
Appendix IX contains Maps, five maps sketched by the author, two of which are sketches of ancient maps that exist in the library of The Ohio State University. The other map sketches were composed from data found elsewhere (the sources are named). Moreover, a two-part graphic is included that offers an idea of what the scene would have looked like when the Israelites in their camp could see the waters flowing down to them from the Rock when struck by Moses.


        Here are lists of subtopics by which Christians search the Internet. These will give you some idea of the subtopics detailed in the book. This is only some of the many topics that interest Christians, all of which are expressed in the Story in God's Rock..

Aaron and the Golden Calf
Aaron's Rod
Aaron and the Serpent
Aaron and Moses
Abraham and Moses
Baal in the Bible
Baal Canaanite
Baal vs Yahweh
Biblical Moses
Burning bush and Moses
Compare Moses and Joshua
Fire in the bush
Fire on the mountain
God of Moses and Abraham
Hebrew Moses
I want to discover Moses and the bulrushes
Jacob and Moses in the Bible
Jewish Moses
Joshua Moses' helper
Joseph and Moses
Kadesh map of
(at) Kadesh
(from) Kadesh
(Horeb to) Kadesh
(Israel at) Kadesh
(meaning of) Kadesh
(passover at) Kadesh
(The) Lord and Moses
Moses and Amalekites
Moses and Caleb
Moses and Canaan
Moses and children of Israel
Moses and Christ
Moses and Christianity
Moses through David
Moses and Egypt
Moses and the Egyptian
Moses as an Egyptians
Moses and God
Moses and Golden Calf
Moses and the Hebrews
Moses descended from Isaac
Moses mentioned by Jeremiah
Moses mentioned by Jesus
Moses and the Jews
Moses speaks of Joseph
Moses and Judaism
Moses to King David
Moses and sister Miriam
Moses and monotheism
Moses on the mount
Moses and Mount Sinai
Moses and mountain of God
Moses speaks of Noah
Moses and Passover
Moses spoken of by Paul
Moses and God's people
Moses and Pharaoh
Moses and Plagues
Moses and Promised Land
Moses and Red Sea
Moses and the Rock
Moses and the Tabernacle
Moses and the 10 commandments
Moses and the 12 spies
Moses and the Amalekites
Moses and beginning of the Bible
Moses and the brass serpent
Moses and the brazen serpent
Moses and the bronze serpent
Moses and the bronze snake
Moses and the Covenant
Moses in the desert
Moses and speaks of the flood
Moses and the law
Moses and the Midianites
Moses and the Nile River
Moses in the Old Testament
Moses parting of the Red Sea
Moses and the Pharaoh
Moses and Pharaoh
Moses and the plagues
Moses and the prophets
Moses and the rod
Moses and the plague of serpents
Moses the shepherd
Moses and Aaron's staff
Moses and the tablets of the law
Moses and the Torah
Moses and opening the water
Moses and Bible study
Moses in the Gospels
Moses in the wilderness
Moses in the New Testament
Moses in scripture
Moses Prince in Egypt
Moses' Sermons
Mount Sinai
Pharaoh and Moses
Ramses and Moses
Routes of Moses
Song of Moses and of Miriam
Story of Moses and the Red Sea
Tent of Meeting
The God of Moses and Abraham
The Manna
The two quail incidents

Places on maps -
Bitter waters of Marah
Elath city by dead sea
Elath by Gulf of Aqaba
Elath when did Israel arrive there
Elim oasis or springs
Encampment at Succoth
Encampment at Etham
Encampment at Red Sea
Encampment at Marah
Encampment at Rephidim
Encampment at Horeb
Encamped in the Wilderness of Sinai
Etham region of forts
Gulf of Aqaba
Gulf of Suez
Heliopolis large city of
Migdol in Egypt
Red Sea crossing
Ra-amses district of
Sinai Peninsula
The field of Zoan
The Great Sea (Mediterranean)
Way of the Philistines
Wadi of Sur
Wadi of Tsin
Wadi Tumilat
Wilderness of Paran
Wilderness of Sin
Wilderness of Sudr (Sur)
Zoan field of

Rocks and Stones in Scripture
   Old Testament meanings
   New Testament meanings
      Two Examples
          (these compose four chapters)

    These are just a few of the topics covered in God's Rock. But the Story also contains the many characters like Moses' mother and father, Moses' Egyptian mother, the name of the pharaoh who took in Moses and made him a General in the army, Moses' wife in the wilderness, his father-in-law, and his sons, the names of individuals that worked with Moses, and the names of men who with their families died by means of God's wrath.

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