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(A book about Biblical faith)

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God's Hook  (download or buy)

* Cauthion: my books are large and, depending where you are in the world, they may take longer to download than you might expect; so just let them download.

As a pdf e-book, God's Hook is 2.76 MB and you can download it complete for free. However, many people find it difficult to download such a large file, so for free you can download the First Half of God's Hook, which at its ending contains a link for the Last Half of the book.
     (to read a pdf file, you must first download a pdf reader; a free Adobe Reader is at Adobe.com)

    - God's Hook is rather large for downloading with slow Internet speed, which is the case in many parts of the world where people have Internet access only in a place like an Internet Cafe. Still, it is being done so stick with it.

As a complete printed paperback book, God's Hook can be bought at www.lulu.com
    - Go to Lulu and sign in. Inside Lulu, search on C. Ronald Johnson, which will take you to our books. If only one book appears then click on my name (i.e. the author) and you will be taken to our store front on Lulu.
    - The price to you of God's Hook (paperback about
$10.68 or hardback $24.98) is only for the printing + shipping. You pay only for the printing because we receive no profit, as all is free on Christian Wilderness Press.

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