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God's Rock  (Moses and the entire Exodus)

God's Rock is a 450 page book. The last 100 page section is an Appendix which includes 5 maps and the chronology section identifies the time of Moses' return to Egypt as 1420 BC, not during the Ramses 2 period. The 350 pages of the Moses and the Exodus Story are taken right out of the Bible with many footnotes telling were in the Bible text such that the reader can follow along in his bible. This story of the great man of faith begins with his faithful father and mother and it details the entire story until Moses' death. The Story is told in a fashion to invite the reader to witness the faith of heaven often operational between God and Moses and God and His people. 
   Several bits of information along with small episodes are used from sources other than the Bible like the writings of Josephus. 

-   This Bible Story clearly states that an agreement was finally struck between Pharaoh and Moses (and thus with God) which allowed Moses, the Israelites, their children, and their livestock to go into Egypt's wilderness for a celebration of sacrifices unto their God...and then to return to Goshen to their homes.
   The celebration of sacrifices to God occurred as specified in the agreement: That is, the Israelites (having left after midnight of the first Passover) journeyed six days within Egypt proper following God's
cloud by day and fire by night to reach a site chosen by God for this festival of sacrifices. Hebrew tradition and Christian beliefs (until modern times) have always adhered to these Biblical facts.
if Moses had quickly led the Israelites directly out of Egypt easterly through the southern region of Suez into the Sinai Peninsula, and thus to keep going easterly, then God and Moses would have lied and broken the agreement with Pharaoh. Moreover, there is no Bible passage about celebrating the feast of sacrifices in the Sinai Peninsula or in Arabia.
   Only Moses and Aaron knew that God would arrange for Pharaoh (motivated by his 'hardened heart') to force the Israelites out of Egypt. The people of Israel all along thought they would be returning to Goshen to their homes, for that was
within the agreement.


-   The Bible is entirely clear that every teaching of God in both Old and New Testaments has been built upon the foundation of Israel's Exodus from Egypt; from Israel's forty years in the wildernesses of the Sinai Peninsula; from Israel's journey and ensuing conquests just east of the Jordan River; and within conquered Canaan. Therefore, the coming of Jesus (Israel's Messiah) began at that time within the promise to Israel; and you will be reading of it in this book.
   The accounts of faith within the Story are of the very characters, most of them having lived during the forty years in the wilderness. In fact, both of my books are loaded with episodes of faith-in-action between God and His people (mostly between God and individuals).

    If you wish to focus largely upon the aspect of faith, then you might begin with God's Hook (a book about Biblical Faith) and then go on to God's Rock where the workings of faith are abundant.
    If you are interested in the period of the Story as established in this book then go to the Index and then to the chronology section where is a history before and after the time of the Story.

   Today so many Christians know and understand only little of Moses, the Exodus, the mountain of God, and the Rock from which flowed pure survival waters in arid wilderness places (the Apostle Paul tells us that the Rock was Christ. In these books you will be inspired by many of God's truths along with the essential-faith that enabled Moses and Aaron and many others to walk pleasingly before Almighty God.
   The Christian who loves God and His Word will surely enjoy these books. Moreover, in our present-day
wondering about America and the world (the economy being but one serious concern), confirmation of faith and the knowledge in God the Father and in His Son (Israel's Messiah) are needed by all of us.


-  Finding chariot wheels in archaeological searches cannot compare with the many described details in Bible passages that deal with the Exodus and the travels of the Israelites. 
   During my four years of basic study for God's Rock much information was accumulated, including modern data collected by both the Russian army and (separately) the US Army in the 1950s. I used that data for making the topological map of southern Sinai where Isreal spent their first year after being forced out of Egypt by Pharaoh. During the winter months of that year the varied parts of the tabernacle were constructed and in spring the whole of it was put together. Over the course of my studies it became more and more apparent that God's Word is
entirely true in all of its aspects...spiritual, historical, and geographical. Furthermore, the Appendix in God's Rock (nine appendixes) goes a long way in proving it to the reader.


-   The Source from which God's Rock was composed is the Bible. My calculations of distances and other data were derived from information gleaned out of other sources about ancient times and then compared to the days of travel in the Bible's many texts. Also, days of encampments as described in many and varied passages were (generally) located using such methods. As calculations and conclusions began merging into agreement, the estimates of encampment locations and directions of travel were established.(All of this is described in Appendixes 7 and 8.)
   Scripture easily yielded some specifics (at first). Yet, other specifics that were needed for the book did not seem to be in scripture at all ... until many pieces were worked separately and then the puzzle began coming together ... that is, different pieces added understanding for other pieces. The location of the sea-crossing through the Red Sea is identified (not at all that difficult to discern in my stury). And a route to the Wilderness of Sinai is proposed (which took much more work). And so on.
    After the book's first draft was finished, I decided to incorporate much of my studies into nine appendixes, the ninth appendix having the maps in the back of the book. Though the appendixes are a little technical, they are user-friendly and you will be much encouraged in reading them. A great deal of (loving) work was expended on this book and my hope was then and is now that it will help Christians become clear-minded about the overall story and about how extremely important it is to
all the rest of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments.

-   The concept of "Christian Wilderness Press", which we use for our publishing name, is based upon all that God was doing with His people for forty years in the wilderness. He was doing many and marvelous things in every Israelite. Even as He was punishing the first Exodus generation for their rebellion, He was preparing the second Exodus generation for victorious battles and the receiving of inheritances as initially promised to Abraham. All of this is in the Story.

-   I have studied scripture for many years and these books are sharings of some of my lengthy studies: To see if you will like God's Rock,
download the first chapter or download the entire e-book.  This book is regularly being downloaded ... and at least for the present my books are free.

-  On the 'Bible Studies' page are many short Bible studies also for sharing with our visitors.
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