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Short Bible Studies

        Christian Wilderness Press - a word:  Dear reader, these studies are neither "teachings" nor "doctrines". You are welcome to go through them for anything beneficial. Like our many short Bible sermons, these are "off the cuff", if you will, and are quickly typed and gone through again to lessen mistakes. They do not reflect on the quality of my books which have had many years work expended upon them.
        The many Bible studies essentially are each of a single main passage, sometimes with a few supporting passages, and I go through each verse by verse sharing the meanings of some Greek words as I go along... and trying not to "sermonize" much.
        On the other hand the Bible sermons are similar to the studies (i.e. in the use of scripture), but I allow myself to "sermonize"... and use supporting passages.
        Even so, in both studies and in sermons my goal is to focus on what the writer of a passage is telling me. In other words, I do not typically choose a "topic" to write about (though a few exceptions may occur from time to time). As I study for myself (often by opening the Bible at random) I allow scripture to gain my attention (or not), which sometimes draws me in and then I am off and running digging deeper.

        You need not be a regular Bible reader, yet my underlying purpose is to motivate you to become one even as the Lord might gain your attention by emphasizing something to you. So, if you want to get into the Bible more (and not just into "specialized" scriptures) then here is your chance. I do all of the work for you verse by verse. Essentially, then, you shall be looking over my shoulder as I study for myself.
         In going through with me you will catch on to my process. My years of study have resulted in Biblical knowledge and ancient history (and perhaps you will gain some little from that), but I trust that your primary purpose shall be to see if the Lord has something for you ... even in our troubling times.

    Therefore, the way to read along is simply to take in verse by verse and think about each, and then perhaps think about what I might have said (agreement with me is unessential) and then let these things gather in your brain like marbles. When you are through, you can disregard the marbles or allow them to rattle around for awhile. Hopefully you might be spurred on to do more marble collecting on your own. For the Great Helper is the One who honors His child as the child pokes through and around in the Precious Word.

        I do not have the time to both study, do my other work, and at the same time make these sermons clear, concise, and organized into a teaching upon a particular subject so that the reader may then completely wrap his mind around it. In fact these sermons are not meant to create mental or doctrinal concepts. They are for storing away God's words in the inner-man so that later He might bring them up for His purpose in you and in me. I do what I do because I love my Bible, and even more I love the Author of my Bible.
        These studies can be read on the website pages or downloaded as pdf files. In either case they can be printed for studying later and sharing with others.

        You can go to our Statistics page to see how we are doing and where our visitors are coming from. We have been on the Internet going on five years and typically each month about half of our visitors bookmark one or more pages. That is, they have put our website address into their computers and return to it and give that address to others. About an equal number for visitors are first timers having landed upon a web page by searching a subject in a browser.

    Our site has more than a few topics (and growing) (see top of page) which contain many pages (and growing). Many of our pages (as in these
studies and sermons) have the files available in pdf form. Due to many different computers, operating systems, browsers, and varying monitors... using pdf files will always work well with your monitor and your printing out of such pages. To read a pdf file, you may have to first download a pdf reader; the free Adobe Reader at Adobe.com  is one such reader. Yet, some of the Internet browsers will open pdf files for you.

Moreover, my two books God's Hook, a book about Biblical faith and God's Rock, the story of Moses and the Exodus Epoch can be downloaded free as pdf e-books. The same is true of our Children's Books.

-- Volume 2 has begun,
see them below --

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Volume 1 -

 Volume 1, Study 1   Stephen's sermon and Jesus on the right hand of God

 Volume 1, Study 2   No condemnation: Righteousness by faith amid persecution

 Volume 1, Study 3   The Just shall survive troubles by 'walking by faith'

 Volume 1, Study 4   Study the different meanings of 'Israelite', 'Jew', etc.

 Volume 1, Study 5    Christ our Mediator in Galatians and Hebrews

 Volume 1, Study 6    The Parable of the Tares: sow to the Spirit, walk by faith in holiness... 

 Volume 1, Study 7    The words Jesus taught of the Holy Ghost to the Apostles

 Volume 1, Study 8    The Parable of the Sower

 Volume 1, Study 9    The Unbridled Tongue vs Meekness of Wisdom

 Volume 1, Study 10   "Jesus gathering" = "Jesus purpose" = "newer provisions"

 Volume 1, Study 11   "the ends of the world have come"

 Volume 1, Study 12    Proper Fear of God

 Volume 1, Study 13    Psalm 19   A Song of David

 Volume 1, Study 14    Fields are Ripe unto Harvest

 Volume 1, Study 15    A Christian's walk is individual, 'to hear and see, or not'

 Volume 1, Study 16    "for he also is a son of Abraham"

 Volume 1, Study 17    Seek the Lord of Strength above Associating Yourselves

 Volume 1, Study 18    Turn you every individual Christian from your evil way

 Volume 1, Study 19   Old Testament Prophets point to the End Times, and a short History

 Volume 1, Study 20   Zechariah 8,7,6:  'I was jealous for Zion with great jealousy...'

 Volume 1, Study 21   New Patches and Old Blankets...New Wine and Old Bottles

 Volume 1, Study 22   Three Kinds of Wisdom

 Volume 1, Study 23   '...to whom hath the arm of the Lord been revealed?'

 Volume 1, Study 24   Each child of God: Focus on individual relationship with God in Christ Jesus.

Volume 2 -

 Volume 2, Study 1    What is a 'disciple'?  What makes a 'disciple'?

 Volume 2, Study 2    Not yet were disciples Kingdom-thinkers / Beware leaven of the Pharisees

 Volume 2, Study 3  Say, Hearing ye hear, and not understand; seeing ye see, and not perceive:

 Volume 2, Study 4   I love God, I love His people, and I love America.  I am Encouraged.

 Volume 2, Study 5    'Holy Ghost', 'Holy Spirit', 'Spirit', 'spirit'...a study of verses containing these words.

 Volume 2, Study 6   Acts 13:38,39 ...In Jesus is 'forgiveness of sins' and 'justification by faith'.

 Volume 2, Study 7   1Peter 4:6  Jesus preached to dead / 1Cor, 15:29  What shall they do... baptized for the dead?

 Volume 2, Study 8   Mark 9:49 ...salted with fire, and every sacrifice salted with salt

 Volume 2, Study 9   Revisiting John 3 / considering again the words 'spirit' and 'Spirit'

 Volume 2, Study 10  '...thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just.'

 Volume 2, Study 11  The Last Supper:  Jesus' Warnings to the Apostles

 Volume 2, Study 12  Shepherd Jesus Walks on toward his Death

- C. Ronald Johnson at Christian Wilderness Press -