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Missionary alert for Mission of Hope ministry in the Philippines.

Errol and Larrni Pitre have retired. They still live in the Philippines and have adopted a baby with some heal issues.

You can contact Errol on Face book.

All of his web pages (including this one) on this website will be continued until the Lord directs otherwise ... because the Lord called Errol and Larrni to an independent ministry to the small villages on the northern half of the island of Mindoro, and He supported them in faith in all ways in their years of ministry, and their work with the Lord was outstanding among the villager.

The married team of Errol and Larrni is great example of what the Lord can do with a retirement-aged-couple given over to His call with no idea of what is before them.

Christian Wilderness Press -- As supporters of Errol and Laarni Pitre for more than a few years (beginning when Errol retired from engineering and began to drill shallow wells on the island of Mindoro, Philippines and preached the gospel in the poor villages), we have continued to support them on our website and in our prayers and as the Lord directs us. You can view their work from the beginning, as they struck out on their own in faith to do as the Lord continued leading them. To view their work, click on our Logo and then click on Mission of Hope.

As (past) supporters, we did receive letters from Errol (when they were on the mission field) which  I continue to present to you our visitors. There work developed rapidly under the Lord's guidance -

~~~~~ ~~~~~

The latest news from Errol and Laarni -

Subject: Hello
Date: Tue, 15 September 2015 20:59:26

Sorry for delays ... Errol and Larrni (at home in the US) and also Barbara and I have been very busy. Barbara and I have just finished cataract removals and in 4 more weeks will finally have glasses ... I write this 10-2-15 ... see Errol's eye condition below.

Hello Ron ;

Got your offering and note yesterday . Thanks again . 
I wish I had something to report, but for us it has been constant hospital and doctors for the past 5 months. Laarni got her 5th chemo last Tuesday and that leaves her with 3 more to go. She will be done on October 22nd with the chemo and then another month later the doctors will remove the port in her shoulder. So, if all goes well we should return to the mission field at the end of November or early December. 

I have been undergoing test and minor surgeries also. I had cataracts removed from my right eye and also need to get the left eye done. I have a torn cartridge in my right knee and back issues. I am Larrni's only caregiver so I cannot have the back done since the recovery time is about 2 months. Laarni suffers from some side effects of the chemo and that keeps me busy trying to make her comfortable and get her through from one chemo session to the other.

Thanks for asking about us, but not much to report.  God bless . Errol.

Dear reader and visitor to our website, I trust that you will be praying for Errol, Larrni, and the work begun in faith by them on the island of Mindoro, Philippines. (and perhaps support them financially). See their work through the years on this website. As the Lord might lead, pray for Barbara, me, and this website as well.  Sincerely, Ron

HI RON;   2-3-15

Laarni left Thursday for the Philippines and I am totally lonely.  She is going back because we are adopting a baby and paper work needs to be done. We also have a young girl scheduled for surgery next month in Manila.  I am in Louisiana  (at Mission Of Hope, 400 Ashland Dr., Thibodaux, La. 70301) ...  trying to raise funds ... but not  much luck yet. I will send some info and pics whenever I have a break. Thanks very much for your support.

God bless. Errol.

Dear Christian visitor to to this webpage, this work of Errol and Larrni Pitre is the only truly  go our on your own in faith without support with their own meager funds, except that the Lord worked it in them to do. And the Lord has proved his assignment for them in blessing in the work in many ways. The work is truly a Faith Work. Perhaps you might consider holding them up in prayer ... and in that prayer ask if you might support them with financial funds.
Thank you in the Lord. Ron

Hello Ron, September 19-22, 2014 (Dubois, Wyoming time)

We are in the middle of another typhoon and if I lose power I will try again later.
I don't remember what I sent you last but if you have some duplicates just delete.
Also rearrange or do whatever you have to to make it acceptable for the webpage.
Now on the humanitarian side of the ministry from left to right...
Also on the construction side we are building another (3rd) tribal school / church.
(Dear visitor, see these at Mission-hope-photos-8.html.)

Hello my friend!! 10:32 pm 5-5-14 (Dubois, Wy time)

I appreciate you reminding me and continue to do so. I am in Manila at an internet cafe. Having problems with both Laarni's and my computer. Starting a new school Monday in one of the tribes plus a meeting with the mayor of our town and the chief of one of the tribes. Don't know what I'll be doing after lunch (( :  Having issues getting my 2013 DVD out. A tech is looking at my computer now as I write. Laarni has been sick and we appreciate your prayers. Got to go now. Keep reminding me to send stuff to you or I will forget with all thats going on .

Love and miss you guys . Errol and Laarni

Hello Ron and Barbara ; You may want to post this on your site.   Today (4-18-14 at 12:38 AM ... Dubois, Wyo time)
    There is a 6 year old girl, Antonette. She was involved in a motorcycle accident last week. We took her to a hospital in Manila on the 11th, the day before our anniversary. We slept in our van that night in the hospital parking lot. Test showed she has a fractured eye socket and Jaw. The hospital refused to do the surgery because the family could not come up with the $3000 fee. Laarni and I would have footed the bill except that we just sent $5000 to the IRS for our 2013 (ministry) tax bill. We have committed $500, and if you can and are willing, we ask all you that help (or often pray for us) to get this baby well again. Any donations should be sent to our US home office at Mission Of Hope, 400 Ashland Dr., Thibodaux, La. 70301. Your contributions are tax deductible as we are a 501C-3 corporation. Receipts for this year will be mailed out in January of next year.
God bless you. Errol.

    On the 12th was Errol and Laarin Pitre's Anniversary and as you can see they spent it in ministry, as usual. Errol and Laarni look to the Lord always and this is where the dear Christians reading this come in ... as the the Lord leads.   Please pray about this,   Ron

Also see Mission of Hope' latest web pages November 8th 2013, Typhoon Yolanda and Christmas Day 2013 in a Village

Early December 2013 -

This lady, Babylita, came to us for help concerning the massive growth as seen in this first picture. We took her to one of the top hospitals in the world in Manila. She was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer that has already spread to her lungs and heart. As is the norm with most tribal members, they come to us for help when the situation is hopeless or critical. We visit her regularly and pray that God will perform a miracle for His glory in her situation. The second picture is her humble house and the third is her kitchen and cooking area. The forth picture was taken with her and her family when we brought her back to her tribe. We witnessed to the family and Babylita, her husband, and four of her adult children accepted Christ. God is so good.  


11-11-13  11:57 (Dubois. Wyoming time)

Hello Ron ;
Thanks for your concern. The storm hit the islands south of us and there are 10,000 feared dead and still counting. We experienced high winds and heavy rain but no deaths near us. One of our schools lost the roof and we have not been able to get to the other yet to check it out. Lots of crop damage in the rice fields and the farmers are4 really hurting.
Laarni and I are yet again at the hospital with PJ on the mainland. PJ is suppose to get discharged tomorrow but there is another Typhoon coming in the same path as the last one. If it does hit tonight the ferry boats will not run and we will be stranded here in Batangas.
Thanks for your generous giving as we know its from your own needs and not any excess . God will bless you guys. Tell pastor Wade thanks for his help. We are putting everything we have coming in into this ministry to try and keep up with all that God is putting on our plate. Just on PJ alone we've spent about $2000. Even now, we have 2 other kids we are helping that also are hospitalized.
Love and miss you guys. God bless. Errol and Laarni.

PS. Barbara and I have sent what we could afford ...  Please pray about what aid you can send.  Ron


Wednesday, October 30  6:21 AM  (Dubois, Wyoming time) 

Hello Ron. This is an urgent need and I would appreciate it if you put this on your web site.  Blessings - Errol.

All - Hello and God bless
    We ask that you prayerfully consider helping us with an emergency regarding PJ, the 4 year old son of one of our tribal pastors. He has been diagnosed with meningitis and is currently in ICU. We had to suspended all other ministry projects to concentrate on helping this child as he battles for his life. 
    Laarni and I have committed (i.e. to the hospital) our SS and pension income to deferring the cost of his hospital confinement. And so our resources are depleted and we prayerfully ask if you are willing to donate to Mission of Hope to help PJ. 
    Any amount will be appreciated. Whatever you decide in the Lord, may God bless you.

We are a 501C3 corporation and all donations are tax deductible.  Please send all funds to -

Mission of Hope
PO Box 5982
Thibodaux, La. 70302

From Ron:  Folks, you can see by Errol's webpages on this site how dedicated and how loving he and his wife are with the people to whom they minister. This email further shows how committed they are with their own personal funds. They gave all and never looked back when the Lord pointed the way for them. Yes, the Lord provides ... but Christians in many ways are the channels of His Mercy. And here you are reading a very present and urgent need. As Errol blesses you, so do I bless you in the Lord.

Thursday, August 17  9:40 AM (Dubois, Wyoming time)
Dear reader ... I (Ron) have had a rather long time away (off and on) from my computer over the last two years. First I had a full knee replacement on my right leg and then six months later had the same on my left leg. I could not (and cannot any longer) get down on my knees except on something like my bed or very cushy pad, etc. Thus, building up my leg strength and doing all that I need to do around our homestead-like place has been slow and oft times awkward (like plumbing, etc). Nearly all last winter it was Barbara who had to bring firewood to the porch (our son Ben had come for a month in which he and our grandson got in our wood for us). However, this summer the came again for the month of July and I helped in a way rather different from my usual manner of such work. Even now we have had unusual weeks of cool and moist days with one snow-dump of a foot of snow. Needless to say, digging potatoes, etc. and other things has been time consuming. Such is my excuse for having little time and doing little on the website, except that I have kept up with our Statistics Page to let visitors know how we are doing each month past.

So....... I have been receiving emails from Errol and Laarni Pitre for months now and instead of putting them on this alert page I have decided to make two more webpages Mission 4 and Mission 5 for them. Please see them and I trust that you will spend the time to catch up with this wonderful missionary couple (Errol is about 10 years younger than me). They are truly in a "faith ministry". It began several years ago upon Errol's retirement from engineering and their funds from that, including their house in Wyoming, have been sacrificed to their ministry. 


Sent: Thursday, August 15  2:16 AM (Dubois time)

Village chief - sore neck  village chief - operation

    Ron, I hope this is something you can use for your web site. The pics are self explanatory. Before with the lump and after the surgery in the room. Feel free to edit as you see fit.

    We are in the hospital in Manila. We brought the tribal chief named Lopi from the tribe called Nabayee for the removal of a growth on his throat. It was a 3 week process getting all the paperwork and we had to make 3 trips to Manila from the Island. He was operated on today and doing well. It was a complicated procedure as the mass was wrapped around his carotid artery and some nerves were involved. The doctors and hospital are the best in the Philippines so we were blessed to even get him admitted.
    Everything related to Lopi's surgery had to be orchestrated by God. The hospital is absorbing most of the cost but we have to come up with $500 on our end for the hospital bill. Out of pocket expenses to date relating to Lopi's surgery also are adding up.


Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2013 5:29 AM
Subject: Tribal baby

Second Batch; I added these pics as we are escorting the family back to their tribe.

From left to right --Laarni is instructing the parents on how to administer the meds for the baby --they are crossing the river to get to their village surgery is about $300. A total of $800 will cover everything. If you would like to help financially send all donations to Mission of Hope -- PO Box 5982 -- Thibodaux Louisiana -- 70302. We are a 501C3 corporation and all donations are tax deductible. We also solicit your prayers.

God bless,

Errol Pitre / CEO Mission of Hope.

Sent: Tuesday, July 2, 2013  3:02 AM (Dubois time)

Hello !!
    I just got back from Batangas -- a 7 hour trip -- to try and get help for the chief in one of the tribes. He has a growth about the size of a large orange below the jaw on his right side. We did not find a doctor willing to help so our next step is to go to Manila whenever we can break away from the rest of work.
    Laarni  spent her day at the hospital here on the island helping tribal patients get their meds and also feeding them lunch.
Though we are always together, today we had to split because there was too much going on. She is cooking now and we will bring dinner to the hospital at about 6pm. Then we will come back to the house and eat and then a bath and hit the sack. By then it will be between 9 and 10 pm. Up at 6am for the a new day. I like busy but there comes a point where it can be overwhelming.
    Storm or no storm, we experience power outages every day, it's a way of life for us.
    Enjoy your family and may God bless you all. Errol.

Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 5:09 PM

Good morning ( here ) ;

    I wish we had the time to put in a garden. I love to plant and care for veggies (and eat also). It's 7:am and we have 5 native families in the hospital we are feeding. Laarni is cooking and we are preparing to head out. The feeding will be repeated at noon and again tonight until they are released from the hospital. It's the rainy season and many are sick, especially children, because most have no adequate shelters.

    Enjoy your visit with family arriving. We try to communicate with our family as much as possible, but it's difficult because of where we are. Thanks for all you do. I will try to find time this weekend to send more photos (with their captions) your way. Love and miss you guys. God bless. Errol.

A few weeks ago Errol began a series of emails
From: Errol Pitre <pitreerrol@hotmail.com>
To: Ron/Barbara(Dubois) Johnson <r77bjohnson@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 6:32 AM

Good evening (here).

    I pray all is well with you guys. Here it's same ole same ole... just a different day... always exciting to see what God has for us each day. Per you request, here are a few comments and a list of our needs (i.e. as we envision them at this moment).

    Construction on the clinic and school/church is slow because of a Typhoon going through. It hit Manila, but we are getting sever rain (slight flooding) and some wind. It's been pouring on and off for 3 days.

    We acquired (rented) some property and we will plant rice to defer some of the mission's food cost. Also we are planning to put in a garden, but the challenge is to find the time. Egg plants, green beans, and okra grow well here in the rainy season. 
    Per your request about our needs... here is a list of the mission's needs and you can adjust the format if needed .

1--Monthly support . Any amount will help. This covers our living expenses and if there is any excess it's used for our ongoing projects.  We have raised about 1/2 of our projected monthly budget and need to raise about another $1500/ mo.
    A--Groceries --$150.00/mo.
    B--Rent $100.00/mo.
    C--Utilities $100.00/mo.
    D--Vehicle upkeep-- Diesel, tires, insurance, license, and general maintenance--$250.00/mo.
2--Love offering for 2 native pastors -- $250.00/mo.
3--Pastors training center--$150.00
4--Teacher --$100/mo.
5--School supplies--$50.00/mo.
6--Medicine for medical missions--$1000.00/year
7--Water wells for the natives--$150.00 each
8--Hospital ministry caring for the tribal members hospitalized -- $50.00/mo.
9--House keeper--$75.00/mo.
11--To complete the medical clinic ( hospital )-- Approximately $30,000

    I will send latest pictures for a new webpage ASAP. Let me know if this is ok for you. I'm flexible.

God bless. Errol.

~~~ ~~~

Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 6:43 AM

Hello again !

    It's past my bedtime, but I thought I would send a couple of pictures as a  trial run. Let me now if this procedure will work for you.

    From left to right the captions are;
    1--The latest photo of  medical clinic .
    2--The first stage of the school/church in a tribal village

    Let me know what you think,

Blessings. Errol.

 ~~~ ~~~

Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2013 5:22 AM
Subject: RE:

    I have some time now. I tried a few minutes ago and we had a power outage and lost everything. Now power is back on so I will try again. I wish I could explain how difficult it is to get things done here (especially communications). So please bear with me. I will try shooting emails with attachments as you suggested. I can only send 5 or 6 at  a time as I get a message stating that I have run out of space. That is why I went to Sky Drive as I could send more and add captions. Also, email will not allow me to move the pics and get them in the proper order. Anyway, here goes.

From left to right -- After 2weeks of treatment... 1) baby's burn is healing... 2) full body of baby in hospital... 3) Laarni and mom with baby in hospital... 4) emergency room the day of the accident.

    Mission Of Hope is a humanitarian ministry evangelically helping members of the differing tribes with whatever ailments they may have. In this particular case, the year old baby reached into a pot of boiling water and severely burned his hand and lower forearm. It happened in early morning and it so was mid afternoon before we got him to the hospital. He was confined for three days and then allowed to return to his tribe. We bought the prescribed meds and then took the family back to their village.
    Over the next two weeks we kept close tabs in the tribe for the administering of the meds and the baby's healing process. We believe God intervened, for the healing was amazingly fast, as is evident in the 'after' picture. Over the two week ordeal, we established a good relationship with his family: It was only about a month ago that we were introduced (i.e. established contact) to this particular tribe: And of course we began a ministry to reach them with the Gospel, and presently we are building a simple church/school
in the tribe (see photos of similar ones on other of our webpages). And God has already provided a pastor/teacher to minister to the tribal members' spiritual and educational needs.

    This particular tribe has about 25 families (approximately 200 souls) and they are very appreciative of our help to one of their members. The baby happens to be the son of the chief, and that coincidence has really helped us get a foothold in the area. The people are excited that God has sent someone to help them; in that, no one has ever showed any concern for them. Also, they are thrilled that their children will have a school to go to and a chapel to worship in.

RON--Let me know if this fits in to what you want. Critique is appreciated. God bless. Errol.

Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2013 6:32 AM

    It's getting late and I have a full week on my plate. If I can find a window this week , I will send more your way . Feel free to do whatever you think needs to be done with the pics and writings as long as the context is not altered. I don't want to misrepresent what God is doing. Just mentioning them because I know you would never intentionally mislead anyone.

    Thanks for your help . We miss and love you guys. God bless. Errol and Laarni.


Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2013 4:26 PM
Subject: RE:

    Thanks for all you do. God will bless you for helping us help the poor. I will be sending more as time permits. This morning I am bringing 5 young ones with pneumonia to get meds. One of the moms will begin her 6 months medication program to combat her TB. We rented some property here to plant rice to defer some of the food costs of the mission, and we will be starting the planting this morning.

    I will first go to the supply house to buy materials for the church/school in Nabayee and arrange for the shipping to the tribe. Then I need to be at the medical clinic as we start this week to frame the roof. I will take Laarni to her school on my way as I take the patients to the doctors.

    A Filipino doctor is coming Thursday from Manila to our mission to help with the medical needs of tribal people. Laarni will contact her today and order the meds we need. We will be traveling to Manila early Wednesday morning to pick up the doctor.

    Also while in Manila we will contact several foundations and hospitals for help. We have a 2 year old with cataracts and the tribe chief (the father of the baby with the burn) has a huge lump growing on his throat.

    Gotta go. It's 6:30 am and must get busy. We appreciate your prayers. God bless you all.


Here is communication from a few months ago...  

Dear friends and family,

Laarni and I want to thank all of you for supporting us in the work God has commissioned us to do here in the Philippines. It is our pleasure to be your missionaries in bringing the Gospel to the poor on the island of Mindoro. Our labor has brought us much joy, and God continues to burden us for the thousands of souls who have never heard the Good News.

As a result of raising only 50% of our budget before coming to the field, we will run out of funds in May of this year. In order to complete our term into December, we must raise enough money for the remaining seven months. At $1500 / month, we will need a total of $10,500. You have invested in our ministry and allowed us to carry on God's work for 2 years. We are asking that you prayerfully consider in helping us complete our term.

We are not needing additional monthly support (as much) at this time, but rather so we can plan for the rest of year we need a one time love offering. If God burdens your heart to help us in this, then let us know what you have decided so we can make our plans. May God richly bless you regardless of what your decision is in this matter. Thank you for all you have done to help us spread the Gospel.

All contributions should be sent to :

Assembly of God World Missions
1445 N. Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO. 65802-1894
Account No.-- 294456-9


As I stated above, this ministry is truly independent and truly of faith. Assembly of God World Missions knows this about the Pitres and thus recommend their ministry as truly of the Lord. That is, AGWM offered to handle an account for the Pitres. This does several things.  1) It provides a rock solid organization for people to send monies without wondering if it will go for the reason intended; and so all of it goes to the Pitres. 2) Through the organization, the Pitres also can buy their personal insurance at a discount, which they could not do on their own.

However, as long as we have known the Pitres, their independent office-of-ministry has been operated by a friend in Louisiana. Here is the address -

Errol and Laarni Pitre
Mission of Hope
P.O. Box 5982
Thibodaux, LA. 70302

This address is where we have sent our support. If you want records for the IRS, sending to either address will work for you. Yet, Barbara and I give with the Lord knowing what we do, and that is all we need.

We invite you to spend a little time in our pages for Mission of Hope and see if the Lord might want you to help the Pitres ...as onto the Lord.


 I (Ron) was a junior in high school when we had a revival (typically 2 weeks of every night and twice on Sundays) at our church. The evangelist was from our southeast region of Texas where I lived and was well known. I overheard a conversation between the evangelist and a few adults about where he was going next to hold services and it would be soon, but it would be outside of his normal circuit. He had called his secretary to arrange for plane fare and had been informed that the fare was more than he had in his bank account. He had responded to her that she should look in his files for other ministries (of which he thought highly) and to write a check(s) to those ministries such that the bank account would be essentially empty. She had responded, then, about the wisdom of such a procedure, and he had responded as a matter of course, "It is the only method that I know of that most likely will refurbish my bank account, because I need to fly out the middle of the week."

At the time I had thought that the evangelist was demonstrating courage in faith. But I discovered over the years that this was simply his way of doing business; for the next revival had already been planned and people were active in visiting in their neighborhoods for that series of meetings. You see, dear reader, a work, if it truly be the Lord's work, has various methods... usually different than the norm.

So, dear reader, if in this time in history of America and of the world you have a surplus, then it is better to use some of it by investing in the Lord's endeavors. For you know that your surplus will likely be used up somehow or other. 

If you lack a surplus, or have less than needed, it behooves you to consider this little note. For you know the money is going to go. Consider the Widows Two Mites (Mark 12:42). In your case, then, essentially there is nothing to loose and likely more to gain. I am not speaking of "promises" or doctrines, etc. I am suggesting that you simply open your heart and see if the Lord touches it.

Sincerely, Ron.

- Christian Wilderness Press -