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Mission of Hope: This page and photos are some of the latest emails from Errol and Laarni -

September 19-22, 2014

Hello Ron ;

We are in the middle of another typhoon and if I lose power I will try again later.

Don't remember what I sent you last but if you have some duplicates just delete. Also rearrange or do whatever you have to to make it acceptable for the post.

On the humanitarian side of the ministry from left to right;
1 -We have taken in a two week old boy abandoned by his parents. We are in the process of trying to adopt him.
2 -This is Nathanael at 3 months old.
3 -Needless to say we are attached and he is happy with us. I desire is to give him hope and a future ( Jeremiah 29:11 ).
4 -This is Antonette and she was involved in a tricycle accident 2 days prior to this picture.  They came to us for help.
5 -We were able to raise about $3000 for her surgery and she is on the road to recovery.
6 -Kim is a 7 year old girl with the initial stages of meningocelle. She does not go to school because the kids make fun of her. We  brought her to the children's hospital in Manila and are now waiting for her surgery to be scheduled.
7 & 8 - This is 4 month old John Errol who was born with a hernia. We brought him to a hospital in Batangas where he was operated on and is now doing fine.

I will send  these now for fear of loosing them if we loose power. I will follow up with another email if our good fortune holds up.

Let me know if this works for you. Thanks Errol.

Laarni with child  2 - Laarni with child  Errol with child 

1. Laarni with child                                               2. Laarni with child                      3. Errol with child 

Antonette bike accident  Errol and Laarni with recovering Antonette 

4. Antonette had a bike accident                 5. Errol and Laarni with recovering Antonette

7 year old Kim awaiting surgery  John ready for surgery  John after surgery 

6. Kim to be scheduled for surgery  7. & 8. Four month old John before and after surgery. Errol and Laarni hope to adopt "John Errol".

Here are more pictures: from left to right -

9 - These 2 teenage tribal girls asked for help because they wanted to go to school and get an education. We took them into our home cleaned them up and dressed them up and now they look like any other Filipino.They are very good girls and doing well in school. They have been a blessing to us and have been with us since January .
10 to 15 - We are building our 4th school/church in one of the tribes and these pictures show the progress and the last picture is where we are with this project today . We hope to complete this building this month.

School girls  Building another school / church  2. Another school / church 

9. Teenage tribal girls                    10. & 11. Beginning another tribal school / church

4a. Another school / church  5a. Another school / church 

12. Tribal school / church in progress              13. Tribal school / church in progress 

6a. Another tribal school / churdh  7a. Another tribal / church  

14. Tribal school / church in progress           15. Tribal school / church in progress  

Continued -

We were able to restart construction on the medical clinic we are building because of a generous donation from one of our supporters.

1 through 6 -  From installing a first class roof to finishing the outside walls to finishing and painting the inside walls. The bathroom fixtures in all three bathrooms are installed and functional. All of the plumbing and electrical is completed on the second floor. We have just begun installing the floor tiles. The second floor of the clinic will be our home when completed.

There is much more to share but I am tired and it is getting late.
Send me specifics of what you need to complement the pictures.

15. More construction on Medical Clinid  17. More construction on Medical Clinic  18. More construction on Medical Clinic  

16. More construction on Medical Clinic           17. New roof                                             18. Front

Laarni inside Medical Clinic  20. Inside Medical Clinit  21. Inside Medical Clinit  

19. Laarni inside Clinic                           20. Inside Clinic                      21. Laarni's handiwork

God bless. Errol.

September 22, 2014

Hi Errol, just keep sending me what the Lord lays on your heart to send, from the growing of the ministry to your health, to the need for some regular sustainable workers to help you and be trained in the essence of your ministry,  ... unto sharing some special
times between you and the Lord.

Barbara and I are tired at the end of summer. Now we are just about ready for winter and I have not been checking my email as I should. When I get time on the computer I am into a series of sermons on the website: 'The Whole Christ'. Besides the short Bible studies, I had started some sermons about a year ago because I felt I needed to also do some preaching. (In the studies, I have tried not to sermonize much).

Beginning with Sermon 4, I did not know for a couple of sermons that the Lord had led me into this series.

The start of a sermon is not in process until I happen upon a scripture (Old or New testament) that I sense I am to begin study for the next sermon. From there the Lord keeps moving me around in the scriptures. While I am immersed in one it is enjoyable; but when I break from it to do needed things outside it is hard to get back to what the Lord has been leading. It is like having to move out of my flesh-work (which I am used to doing) to return where He had me. Less of my flesh and more of Him is good and surely enjoyable, when I finally get there; but my flesh struggles to keep me from that place. 

Working on the website (like constructing a webpage for you) is one thing; yet, serious time with Him is not as easy for me to get into. My flesh is
not so bad compared to most flesh around us, but mine surely wants to run the show. You would think at 74 that I would not have such struggles. My only consistent salvation in this is being in the Scriptures so much ... and finally, the Lord grabs my attention on something. He is the One that gets me in. It is always Him, isn't it? Without His meddling in us, we just become "do-gooders".

Whatever you might share with me, I will put up only up on your webpages as and when you tell me.

When you have the time, or are moved by the Lord, send whatever.

Love you two and love how the Lord is using you, Ron

PS. Actually, you might think about telling your story into a tape recorder. Someday, as the Lord might lead, it might make a good book to inspire others regarding missions. Yours is the only true "faith ministry", from its beginning and ongoing, that I know.

- Christian Wilderness Press -