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Mission of Hope: This page and photos are some of the latest emails from Errol and Laarni -

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 8:08 AM, Errol Pitre wrote:

These pics are of a medical outreach we sponsored in August. The concept is to address the medical needs of individual tribes, with the goal of giving better and more effective individual attention to each tribal member (i.e. each medical case). Our overall concept, Lord willing, is to have the tribes healthy one tribe at a time such that our humanitarian efforts result in the Gospel being more readily accepted by the people to whom we minister.

The lady in blue is Dr. Milyn. She often comes to the island to help us with our medical outreach. She is a Christian Doctor who travels to third world countries of the world helping the poor with their medical needs. My wife, Laarni in green helps by dispensing the meds prescribed by Dr. MIlyn. In the third pic from the left, Dr. Milyn is teaching the tribal members about proper hygiene. In the next pic, many pf the people are waiting to see the Doctor.

Doctor with patient   more villagers waiting their turn    Doctor is in blue

Laarni with meds   patient 1   patient 2

Doctor loving patient   Doctor with more patients 1   Doctor giving prescriptions to Laarni

Note how much the Pitres and the Doctor love upon the people and especially the children.

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 8:27 AM, Errol Pitre wrote:

To get to the next tribe with a medical clinic we had to cross a river on a tube. The region gets plenty of rain and often the rivers are higher than usual. Just a week ago, a 7.2 earthquake occurred in the Philippines. The southern half of the island of Mindoro received a 5.1 quake ... but it did not do much damage on the northern half where Errol and Laarni minister and have their home base. Even so, they received a great amount of rain, which hinders much of their work and afterward the rivers are swollen.

From left to right, Dr. Milyn preparing to get on the tube.  Next, Laarni and Dr. Milyn crossing the river. The 3rd pic is of us setting up the pharmacy in our new church/school in the tribe. The last pic is Dr. Milyn teaching on the value of proper hygiene. 

crossing river to next tribe   Doctor and Laarni going over river    Doctor teaching on hygiene

setting up pharmacy in another village  

We (Ron and Barbara) support and fully recommend the ministry of Errol and Laarni Pitre. We trust that you will pray for them often and perhaps pray about supporting them. The Lord is truly with this ministry.