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Mission of Hope: This page and photos are some of the latest emails from Errol and Laarni -

On Tuesday, October 8, 2013 7:23 AM, Errol  wrote:
Hello Ron and Barbara; I pray all is well with you guys. Here we stay very busy helping the helpless. Now, then, as an update at the moment of some of what we are involved with, here are some things I expect that people will be interested in.

In the first two photos is Lopi before surgery and shortly afterward. Next at right is the most recent picture of Lopi. As you can see he has healed just great with no complications. He stayed at our house for a week after the surgery so we could tend to his wound. The conditions in the tribes are not sanitary and prone to promote infection. He was a model patient and God blessed us and him throughout the entire process..

Lopi village chief before operation  After operation on village chief  The neck much later of village chief


The next two photos are of baby John who is now about two months old. He has a hernia above his pelvis area that is barely visible. We are in the process of scheduling his surgery in Manila. Hopefully it will happen in the next two weeks. I will keep you all posted on this. One of the baby's relatives owns a cow that  they are selling to help with the expenses.

Baby John   Baby John with herniated disc just above pelvis  Baby-Rodello-with Meningocele

The left photo is of Rodello who has Meningocele. We have been trying to get help for him since November of 2011 and just recently found a hospital and doctors that want to help. He will be the next one we will focus on after we are done helping baby John.  

I realize times are hard in the US, but we are asking anyone who can to help us with the expenses related to helping the families that have no resources to help themselves. For instance, after all expenses were tallied, the cost for helping Lopi was approximately $1100. Christian brothers and sisters can help us make a difference in the lives of these poverty stricken natives by partnering with us in prayer and contributing financially to help defer the cost of these surgeries.

We are a501C-3 Corp. and all donations are tax deductible.  Contributions should be mailed to;

Mission Of Hope             or           Mission Of Hope
P.O. Box 5982                                400 Ashland Dr.
Thibodaux , La. 70302                   Thibodaux , La. 70301

Thanks and God bless . Errol and Laarni


Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2013 5:58 AM
Subject: Tribal church/school

This is the tribe of the baby we helped that had a burn on his hand and arm. Just a side note-- the name of the tribe is Nabayee.

Baby-with-burned-hand   Baby-mother-and-Laarni   Babys-burned-hand

I added the below photos as we are escorting the family back to their tribe. Laarni is instructing the parents on how to administer the meds for the baby. They are crossing a river on their way to their village .

Instructing babys family about meds   Babys family crossing river on the way home


Below are the latest pictures of the church/school we are building in this tribe.  This structure will serve about 25 families and this is the most remote of any tribe we are presently ministering to.
If you notice, the building is divided in two sections. The smaller section in the foreground is the parsonage (see also photo 3) and the larger section in the back is the school and sanctuary (see also photo 4). The building measures 15ft. wide and 35ft. in length or 525 sq. ft. The parsonage is 15ft. by 10ft or 150 sq. ft.

Beginnings of sanctuary in remotest village   Begginings of sanctuary (2) in remotest village

Parsonage of sanctuary under construction in remoste village   Sanctuary in construction in remotest village


Below, from left  to right --This is the medical clinic and school we began building several years ago at our main operating location (see photos 1 and 2). We have had several clinics in the smaller blue building that you can see next to it; and now this new one is about 50% complete (see photos 3 and 4). Photos 5 and 6 show the plumbing and electrical being installed.

Beginings of main clinic and school building  Beginings (2) of main clinic and school building  Main clinic and school well along in construction

Main clinic and school (2) well along in construction   Main clinic and school pluming and electrical  Main clinic pluming and electrical (2)

This is a clinic (i.e. by US standards) and a hospital (i.e. by Filipino standards) that will serve the entire tribal communities within a 50 mile radius of our main location on the island of Mindoro. Just how many tribes and tribal members this region includes is difficult presently to estimate. It is safe to say that several thousand natives will benefit from the services which this facility will provide. Free dental and medical will be provided along with free meds.

The clinic will be staffed 24/7 with volunteer doctors and nurses. Indeed, doctors and nurses have already come forth to indicate their willingness to volunteer. Moreover, we will have to hire a full time administrator, preferably an RN, to oversee the daily operation of the clinic; and a full time janitor will be needed to help with the upkeep of the building and grounds. The total total cost in US dollars for the two individuals will be about $500.00 / mo.


On Tuesday, October 8, 2013 7:39 AM, Errol Pitre wrote:
Hello again!
We  had to suspend construction two weeks ago so we could apply the funds we have to helping several kids with medical issues (see above). The clinic will be a huge benefit to the island tribes in that we will offer free medical services and free meds to those who have no resources to seek help elsewhere.  If you want to partner with us and help us continue construction on the clinic, send donations to:

Mission Of Hope     or        Mission Of Hope               All donations are tax deductible
P.O. Box 5982                     400 Ashland Dr.
Thibodaux, La. 70302         Thibodaux La. 70301

(Please consider praying about this,  Ron)

We continue to feed our students a nutritious meal every school day. From left to right: Laarni is serving the food and the students line up to get a meal. For many this will be the only meal they will eat this day. The last two photos show the kids eating by using leaves to scoop up the food. They are so happy to have something to eat and most come back for second and third helpings. I will have an update later on our next (i.e. another) tribal school we are opening. We will also have a feeding program for the students at that location. Though this is figured (in faith and trust) into our regular budget (which we try to develop for the coming year) only as funds come in can we even begin to approach our desires in ministry. The Lord, thankfully, is in charge of our ministry, and it is up to Him to move upon our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Anyone willing to be a part of what God is doing among the poor you can pray for this ministry and/or donate by sending whatever God places on your heart to:

(1) feeding the children  (2) feeding the children

(3) feeding the children  (4) feeding the children

Ron and Barbara... thanks and God bless. Errol and Laarni

I (Ron) sign off on this webpage (10-10-13). I hope to be caught up so as to place each new email on "Missionary Alert", which is for Errol and Laarni.