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Mission of Hope: Mission Medical Clinic 3

(Photos taken during a Mission of Hope medical clinic in spring of 2010.

    Mission of Hope is a ministry birthed some years ago into the hearts of Errol and Laarni Pitre shortly before Errol was to retire. This page continues telling the story of the latest trip for another USA Team arriving for Mission Medical Clinic 3. The Clinic is worked inside the concrete block church building on the island of Mindoro, managed by Errol and Laarni Pitre, and sponsored by a church on the main island of Manila. This is a "faith work" which emphasizes compassion, evangelizing, and the Gospel.
See Errol's latest email. An Evangelical Medical Team (most of it members having worked as part of Mission Medical Clinics 1 and 2) operates out of Manila and will also work in this Clinic. They will be added wiith help from the USA Team and with Christians from the sponsoring church in Manila.

    During the days of the clinic over 400 men, women, and children were fed and over 300 accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. Moreover, many boxes of clean used clothes were handed out to children. With the giving of free meals, free haircuts and grooming, candy and trinkets, etc., this clinic is quite an undertaking. Errol and Laarni and Christians from the United States and members of the sponsoring church in Manila desired to give their best to the Lord and to the people in the villages on the island of Mindoro.

    Furthermore, some health issues like birth defects, malaria, and sight problems are referred to specialists in the Philippines that will work for little or no cost. When that is not enough, the Pitres try to secure arrangements with doctors in the United States and elsewhere.

The USA Team Arrives

Welcome, Mission Medical Clinic 3.          Arrival of USA Team of clinic helpers.      Sunday worship at host church in Manila.
Mission of  Hope : Errol and Laarni Pitre.       Laarni is holding the large handbag.

Medical supplies from USA.      For Mission of  Hope clinic, island of Mindoro.   Announcing the days of the Medical Clinic. 
                                                                                                                               The church / clinic building on island of Mindoro.


Beginning of Week 1 -- Clinic Week

Unloading in clinic building.                  The pharmacy area in the clinic.          Early first morning worship in clinic.

The people registering.                             Overview of the clinic's space.        Nurse from Evanston, Wyoming, blood pressure.

Another from Evanston, Wy - weighs patient.     Errol's favorite - some medical advice, life counseling, and sharing the Word.

Evangelical Med Team doctor (first time with clinic).  Doctor (second time with clinic).  Another doctor prays with patient.

Dental (with 3 of USA Team helps)      USA Team member keeps tools clean     USA Team member helps with tooth extraction

Young man, accident, was treated.       Treatment, skin and worms problems.    Post breast operation infection, treated.

Child wounded in head.                            Severe case of chickenpox.         Scratched lice infestation (lots of these conditions). 

                                                 Weariness shows on faces of these two.                      Philippine ladies, Laarni (second left).
                                                                                                                                   The unheralded kitchen crew.

 Each day of clinic, all people are fed a full meal (much work for the kitchen staff).


Evening Visits to Villages

Several evenings of the clinic, after the crowds were gone, the USA Team went with Errol and Laarni to other villages not too distant where people mostly did not go to to the clinic. They handed out gifts in each village, loved on the people, and witnessed more need.

Walk to a not to distant village.       USA Team give beads and lollipops.     Errol, Laarni, and Team member with village family.
Cross river to reach yet other villages.       Errol drilled this well few years earlier.                Errol and child.

Team members loving the people.              Laarni loving the people.         Even villages closer to clinic reveal their need.

        Yet another village -- USA Team witnesses the need of the people.


Help for the Children

Following the Mission Medical Clinic is a day set up for children in the local area of several villages. Churches on the island of Manila collected
good used clothes, etc. for this day. Both the local Medical Team and the USA Team helped in sorting clothes and in washing the children, etc.

                                            Clothes, balls, bats, etc.                                                                                Sorting.

Laarni teaching kids with games.         This game identifies names of body parts.       Laarni teaching Bible stories.

                                                         Children being led in Prayer.

Washing the children.                             USA Team member - Grooming.       Doctor continues loving the children.

Fitting clean clothes.                         USA Team member - Casper, Wyoming.       Recess for more fun and games.

Celebration day includes feeding the children.   Much work goes into this, giving the children many good memories.


Mission Medical Clinic 3 (2010) is over. In front row are mostly nurses and doctors, but also Laarni (center) and to the right of her a USA
Team member, and to right of her is another Evangelical Team doctor, and to right of her is the doctor (this being his first work with
Mission of  Hope ministry) who was very impressed with the love and care of the USA Team toward his people. Second and third row
are mostly the USA Team members. To the right of them are some members of the Church Team from Manila.

At the end of the children's special day, many of the children were bussed home in a jeepney rented by Errol
for the occasion; thus, winding up an impressive and wonderful time to be long remembered.


 Week 2 for the USA Team

The Medical Team returned to Manila, even as the USA Team remained for another long week of evangelical work.

Sunday morning (medical staff had departed) another church service with goodbyes to local folks, many of whom had worked in the clinic.

 More days spent by USA Team in more distant villages, giving beads, lollipops, and love. Apparent is much more needed for distant villages.

Errol teaches the men how to do it.            The ladies get in on the action.       Errol, Laarni, the village, USA Team.
Distant village, dire need of good water.   As Errol did so USA Team wants to drill a shallow well.

End of Week 2.  USA Team on ferry, Mindoro to Manila.   Wyoming part of Team going home.    The rest of Team also going home.


      Thank you     Thank you     Thank you

I trust that you have enjoyed Mission of Hope's Mission Medical Clinic 3, and that you will uphold the Pitres' ministry in your prayers.
Please consider supporting their financial needs, and consider emailing them with encouragement. And consider possibly going with them on another mission.

Errol is a retired engineer and Laarni is licensed
in the Philippines to teach school. They fully reside on the main island and daily work on the island of Mindoro.
Upon retiring, they sold their home in Wyoming with the Lord's leading and the rest is perhaps for a later Faith Tale/

Their daily base of operations is from the cement block building as seen in the above photos. Yet, they regularly visit the many tribes in the northern half of the island.
Ministry operations continue expanding as the Lord brings them people and provisions for the work.
Yet,their ongoing need is funds for the day to day operations and their own needs like health insurance, faithfully gazing to the Lord for finances and strength.

Errol and Laarni continue praying for the village people and the Lord's Plans for them. Indeed, the Lord is in this Faith ministry which He began.

See their other web pages. And
on every page of our website see the link ((( Missionary Alert ))) which contains a growing list of Errol's latest emails.

Additionally, we at Christian Wilderness Press desire your prays for this website.  Thank you, Ron

    From Errol : The Mission of Hope is an ongoing work in need of monthly support and prayer.
     Ron, thanks for your help. God bless.

The ministry of Mission of Hope is operated in faith. 

(Ron's book, God's Hook, tells of the uniqueness of Biblical faith.)

- Christian Wilderness Press -