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Mission of Hope: This is Mission Medical Clinic 2      

(These photos were taken during a Mission of Hope medical clinic in May 2009.)

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Mission of Hope is a ministry birthed several years ago in the hearts of Errol and Laarni Pitre shortly before Errol was to retire. This page continues telling the story of the latest clinic. This is a "faith work" emphasizing the gospel, evangelizing, and compassion.

    Over the three days of the clinic 1,500 men, women, and children of the villagers coming in over many miles were fed a meal. Added to that, bags of cooked rice were given out to help tide the children over for the day. Beads were given out to the children and in some cases cup cakes were given to help a child calm down. Also some older children running around outside were given a little candy. Moreover, many boxes of clean used clothes were given out to the people as they came through the clinic. With free haircuts and the like, this was quite an undertaking. Errol and Laarni and Christians from the United States and church people from the main Philippine island always desire to give the Lord and the village people their best. Further: some health issues like birth defects, malaria, and sight problems are referred to specialists in the Philippines that will work for little or no cost. When that is not enough, the Pitres try to secure arrangements with doctors in the United States and elsewhere.

Philippine pastor, Errol and Laarni on eve      Some Philippine helpers wait in      
of ferry ride to the island of Mindoro.            evening to board ferry to the island.   

The clinic would be held for three days. First row are five doctors and two dentists, with Errol and Laarni on the right.  
The doctors, dentists, and nurses are of "Jesus the Healer Medical Missions Team Foundation, inc.
Second row is helping crew from America. To the left behind the children is the beginnings of a separate clinic building.

Children and permanent sign for new clinic building.    Every morning before receiving people, workers hold prayer and praise meeting.  

  Kitchen crew for clinic, separate shed.     Children eating meal.

Beside meals, bags of rice help the hunger for     People waiting to be checked in.    
the day. People have come a long way.             
Waiting in a long hot day.

Fathers and grandfathers bring families.       Doctor at the meds desk (more in back).     Head nurse loving a patient.

Front: nurse with patient. Back: doctor at desk.   Father and family. Note beads given out     Barbers from main island give services.
Farther back: another doctor and desk.                   to the children.

Another Philippine barber, free cuts.        Doctors explain about medical care versus    Note amulet on boy. Some of the people allow
                                                                 amulets worn against evil and sickness.       doctors to cut them off and throw them away.

Note waiting line outside. Note American worker      Doctors fill many rolls / clown, magician, etc.   
taking down data for the patient.

Mother and daughter.                                          A very sick child.                      Hole by birth defect allows brain sack to emerge.

Another day begins with sick child six months old.     "I do not want to go in there!"    A typical end of day break for medical crew.
                                                                                                                                      The team works together free in many countries.


After three day clinic, Pitres and crew walk into bush to visit 5 villages to see how the people and earlier installed wells are doing.


In each village beads for the children.    Here is most of the helping crew from America 
                                                                     and from the Philippines, with villagers.         


Still on island of Mindoro at dock. Friendly     Jeepney shuttled from resort to dock.     The ferry will leave island of Mindoro soon.
military security.                                               Crew waits in the shade of the bus.

I hope that you have enjoyed these photos and that you will uphold the work of this website as well as the Pitre's ministry in prayer.


    The Mission of Hope is an ongoing work in need of monthly support and prayer.

-  Ron, thanks for your help. God bless. Errol.

The ministry of Mission of Hope is operated in faith.

(Ron's book, God's Hook, tells of the uniqueness of Biblical faith.)

- Christian Wilderness Press -