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Mission of Hope:  This page is Mission Medical Clinic 1.  
(We received these photos on Thursday, February 26, 2009.)
email Errol:  pitreerrol@hotmail.com                                

The ministry of Mission of Hope was birthed several years ago into the hearts of Errol and Laarni Pitre shortly before Errol was to retire. This page, then, continues telling the story. This is a "faith work" that emphasizes the gospel, evangelizing, and compassion.

Clinic construction beginning                                   Clinic construction progressing   

Clinic construction progressing                             Boy scheduled for surgery

Teen scheduled for cataract surgery      Boy 7, severe heart condition, seeking sponsor in US 

Crossing island river to reach village to install a well       Village's smaller children

Morae village's children  

Typical village meeting place...Laarni and Errol Pitre     At meeting place, Errol with child   

Errol demonstrates new well for co-worker       Laarni refreshes with new water...with co-workers   

Island cornfield near a more progressive village       The same

These cornfields are a result of a project we are sponsoring called "micro loans". We have 3 such projects ongoing at this time. What we do is advance the tribes $200 to buy seeds and fertilizer. When they harvest and sell their crop they pay us back and we can repeat the process with other tribes. The purpose is to teach them to feed themselves and become self-sufficient.

Hut (perhaps food storage) in village with new well      An advertised van which Pitres wish to purchase

Here is the van that we need to purchase. Transportation is always a problem in the Philippines. If someone or a church or organization will help us purchase this van, we will be very grateful. We need to raise $6000.
    Also, our ongoing need is monthly support and prayer. Ron, thanks for your help. God bless. Errol.

The ministry of Mission of Hope is operated in faith.

(Ron's book, God's Hook, tells of the uniqueness of Biblical faith.)

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