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Christian Wilderness Press  -  Jim Durham's visit to   ROMANIA – Rasov Fortress, and city of Sighisoara

Go on missionary trips several times a year with Jim Durham...email  Jim:  ville1960@yahoo.com

        Here is the next portion of my trip to Romania.  Inside Romania, this is part of the trip to Dracula’s Castle (see that page). 
        The Brasov Fortress was built in the 1200’s AD situated on a  high peak overlooking the town of Brasov.  The fortress had a deep water well of about 450 feet, which had been dug by two Turkish prisoners who had been promised their freedom when they reached water.  They walked out free 17 years later.
        The city of Sighisoara still has a lot of ancient buildings and is considered one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe.  The city dates back further than the 1200’s AD. 


Ancient Fortress from below                                                       Approaching the Fortress

High above the city                                                                       Overlooking the town

Inside the Fortress                                                                       An inside street

Fortress rooftops                                                         The mountains behind the Fortress

Fortress balcony                                                      As seen from the Fortress grounds

More of the grounds                                                                    More of the grounds

More                                                                                            More

Now on to the city of Sighisoara

The town's municipal building                                                         More of it

Ancient arches                                                             Medieval buildings

Lovely town                                                    Sighisoara is a great place to eat ice cream

View from an ancient tower                                                           More

More                                                                                             Orthodox Church

Artist's Row, art for sale                                                                 Romanian Sunset

The End

Sincerely, Jim

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