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Christian Wilderness Press  -  Jim Durham's visit to   
ROMANIA – Bear Cave
Go on missionary trips several times a year with Jim Durham...email  Jim:  ville1960@yahoo.com

             Caves usually don’t excite me, but Bear Cave in Romania impressed me.  It was discovered in 1975 by workers who were excavating above the cave and broke through the top of it.  Apparently, the entrance had been closed suddenly at one point in time, because the remains of about 140 bears were found inside, and it appeared that they were eating each other due of the starvation caused by their entrapment.
             The photos will be self-explanatory.  This will be my next to last photo report of my recent trip to Romania .  This was a little half day side trip when I was staying with the Popa Family.  If you get tired of all of the photos, just let me know.  

The opening of Bear Cave                                                        An angel?

Entering Bear Cave                                             Icicles? or stalactites?

Large Camber                                                                            Stalactites

Two men?                                                                                  Large stalactites

More                                                                                          Really beautiful


Bear skeleton. Bear was up to 9 feet tall.                                      More beauty

My Romanian friends that took me on this tour.     More

Wow, some cave! The End
   Sincerely,   Jim

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